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Fostering A Single Fertile Egg Only!


Yes, I had an instance where out of a clutch I had one fertile egg only! I placed this fertile egg with another three infertile eggs, and the brooding started successfully by the foster parents. Hatching took place, and a pretty Lutino Gouldian revealed itself to life. See picture below, the Lutino check was few hours old.


A Lutino chick in its first couple of hours! A Lutino chick in its first couple of hours!



The foster parents did a great job taking care of this unique chick. This chick fledged from the nest when was 23 days old though! Normally, Gouldian chicks will leave the nest when they are 25 days old.


When 26 days old, the Lutino chick was totally abandoned by the foster parents! Putting the chick back to the nest did not help, as soon after, it left the nest again! The only rational explanation I had for this at the time was that at one end, being a single chick, it did not stimulate the foster parents enough to continue caring for it especially that the chick fledged out of the nest, and on the other end, the foster parents were getting ready to start their own breeding batch (this problem can be rectified by selecting and preparing two male foster parents). Thus, be prepared for “hand rearing” when having only one chick, in case it gets abandoned by its parents.


The strangest observation I found was the fact that foster parents were so scared of the Lutino chick! The parents were flying for life every time the chick got close to them! Nature… It never stops to amuse me!


Ahmed Al Alawi