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About Us

We are situated in Bahrain in the Gulf Region. My personal experience with birds goes back to where I was 7 years old when I was given injured pigeon to care for. Since then I started to love caring for the birds and subsequently owned and bred different mutation of pigeons for many years until I had to leave my birds behind and travel to Europe for many years for studying. Even during the studying period which was about 10 years my passion for birds never stopped and immediately upon returning back to my country I started my own passion for caring for birds and even other animals wild or domestic which had been injured.

Years after years I have developed my skills and tried to learn from the breeders as how best they can breed and maintain their birds. I even seek assistance with my vet friends as how to cure sick and injured birds and other wild and domesticated animals.

At the beginning I started to own few chicks, soon after I added more pigeon and many mutation followed. However, due to the lack of space I was forced to limit my stock to smaller birds such as Zebra finches which I owned and bred for many years. However, the real challenge came in 2002 when I saw and fall in love with few pairs of normal Gouldians in a close by pet shop. When I asked the pet shop owner he told me that do not waste your money buying them because these birds are sensitive and difficult to breed.  However, I decided to take the challenge and not only bought the birds but also spent a great deal of time studying their habits and the conditions at which it was best for them to thrive.

Yes, it took few weeks for me to lose all the birds that I initially bought but again it only added to my determination to start all over again by obtaining stronger birds equipped with lesson learned from my previous failure.

Now after few years I managed to obtain the necessary skills to raise and breed almost all mutations of Gouldians including the Albino and Lutino birds.  I have never raised the birds for economical rewards by selling them because they are much more precious to me than the money I can earn by selling them. After all no matter how much I sell I will still be making less money than what I spend on them since I try to give them the best possible living condition in which the birds can happily thrive as I consider them an extended part of  my family.

Just before I end my story about the Gouldians I wish to add that I also breed other Australian finches such as Shaftail and Parson in all mutations, Star finches especially yellow bodied, Owl finch fawn and normal, Zebra finch in many mutations,  Parrot finches as well as Bengalese.

Dr. Khalid Al Ameer